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Realtime Awareness for any Firearm

Enhance safety and efficiency by creating a realtime connection
between an officer's gun, holster, and command.

Wirelessly Activate the Officer's
Body-Worn Camera

Enhance safety and efficiency by creating a realtime connection
between an officer's gun, holster, and command.

Firearm Forensics for Lethal Use-of-Force

Enhance safety and efficiency by creating a realtime connection
between an officer's gun, holster, and command.

Yardarm Realtime

Yardarm Engage

Yardarm Blackbox

Using advanced sensors for weapons and holsters, the Yardarm IoT services platform captures critical information needed to save lives and build a bridge of trust between law enforcement and the community.


The innovative Gun Aware™ and Holster Aware™ Sensors are at the core of all Yardarm powered Internet of Things solutions. These advanced sensors introduce an entirely new level of miniaturization and power optimization for wireless and advanced machine-to-machine capabilities.

The company holds several patents, with hundreds of claims, and continues to expand its intellectual property to maintain technology and thought leadership in forensic firearm technology.


Gun Aware™ Sensor

The Gun Aware™ Sensor enables realtime firearm telemetry and event awareness for public safety Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The Sensor continuously analyzes the full 3-axis telemetry of a firearm to understand the status of that weapon at all times.

As events, such as gunfire, are registered this critical information is captured, analyzed, and transmitted via fully secured, AES encrypted Bluetooth Smart® wireless technology to any Bluetooth enabled data hub such as a smartphone, land mobile radio, or directly to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Realtime data from the sensor can be used to deliver event alerts to nearby officers, the E911 dispatch center, or to communicate with other devices for applications such as auto-activation of body worn cameras.

The Yardarm GunAware Sensor is available for Glock Gen4 Models G17, G22, G34, and G35 handguns. Contact Yardarm to inquire about support for additional firearm makes and models.


Holster Aware™ Sensor

The Holster Aware™ Sensor detects whether a handgun has been removed from or inserted into a holster. The device works with many public safety Internet of Things (IoT) applications and is interoperable with body-worn cameras from many leading manufacturers.

The sensor continuously analyzes the presence of the firearm within the holster to create removal and insertion events. As events are detected, this information is transmitted via fully secured, AES encrypted Bluetooth Smart® wireless technology to any Bluetooth enabled data hub such as a smartphone, land mobile radio, or directly to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Realtime data from the sensor can be used to deliver event alerts to nearby officers, the E911 dispatch center, or to communicate with other devices for applications such as auto-activation of body worn cameras.

The sensor is easily installed onto approved holsters using 3M™ VHB™ adhesive.

Body Camera Activation Icon

Yardarm Engage™

Body-Worn Camera Activation System
In critical situations, officers must focus on protecting themselves and others. Yardarm Gun Aware™ and Holster Aware™ Sensors can wirelessly activate the body-worn camera of an officer who doesn’t have the time, or free hand for manual activation.

All Yardarm sensors interoperate with body-worn cameras from many leading manufacturers and can detect unholstering of lethal and non-lethal weapons or the discharge of an officer’s firearm.

Body Camera Activation Illustration
Body Camera Activation Icon

Yardarm Blackbox™

Firearm Forensic System
Departments now have an option to gather critical forensic evidence in the event of lethal use-of-force involving an officers’ firearm. Yardarm Blackbox generates after-action firearm telemetry reports much like those available for conducted electric weapons.

As the product name suggests, this service operates in a similar manner to the Black Box systems of commercial aircraft. The Yardarm GunAware Sensor installed in a firearm is configured to record all firearm activity.

The sensor captures comprehensive telemetry including:

  • Holster state
  • 3-Axis motion
  • Weapon discharge
  • Weapon jams
  • Racking the slide
  • Magazine removal
  • Magazine insertion

All information captured is time-stamped and delivered as a comprehensive report for forensic use by investigators. The GunAware sensor installs in minutes and does not interfere in any way with the operation of the weapon. Because the sensor is light and unobtrusive it does not affect the feel or carry of the weapon.

Body Camera Activation Illustration
Body Camera Activation Icon

Yardarm Realtime™

The Gun Aware™ and Holster Aware™ sensors are powerful communications devices that can be integrated into any officer aware IoT platform.

Agencies can enhance the safety and efficiency of their officers by creating a realtime connection between an officer’s gun and holster and command. When a weapon is drawn, fired, or separated from the officer an alert is instantly delivered to the E911 dispatcher to allow immediate support and backup to be sent to that officer’s location.

Yardarm integrates into existing officer aware platforms, allowing sensor telemetry to be delivered to any industry standard computer aided dispatch (CAD) or realtime crime center (RTCC) software solutions via standard APIs. Sensor data is transmitted through an officer’s smartphone, land mobile radio, or other connected device to deliver realtime alerts to the platform.

Body Camera Activation Illustration


Yardarm partners with industry leaders to enable critical services and connect devices used in law enforcement, the military and private security.
kustom signals, inc Harris Safariland Group Sonim Esri Motorola VieVu

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Our Story

Yardarm Technologies, Inc is a leading public safety Internet of Things (IoT) provider of sensor and communications technology to law enforcement, security, and military agencies. Yardarm headquarters is in Capitola, California.

Yardarm was founded by Bob Stewart and Joaquin Menezes to support and protect first responders as they are asked to risk their lives protecting the public against unpredictable threats. Body-worn cameras are quickly becoming mandatory gear and detailed forensic documentation is now required for any incident of use-of-force. Yardarm Technologies uses smart, wearable technology to automatically activate body-worn cameras when a situation quickly escalates, capture critical forensic data, and call for back-up even if the officer cannot.


We’re looking for the best and brightest to join us on the journey of transforming public safety worldwide.
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As a Product Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for the outbound marketing activities for your products. You will craft the messaging and positioning for products. You'll conceive and develop innovative marketing programs that drive demand. Attention to detail and an eye for quality, along with the ability to grasp and translate technical capabilities into benefits is crucial.  In your role as a Product Marketing Manager you will be the expert in buyers, how they buy and their buying criteria and will transfer that knowledge to the sales channel.

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As a Sales Engineers, you will be the primary technical resource for the field sales force. Sales Engineers are responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process, working in conjunction with the sales team as the key technical advisor and product advocate for our products. The Sales Engineer must be able to articulate technology and product positioning to both business and technical users. Must be able to identify all technical issues of assigned accounts to assure complete customer satisfaction through all stages of the sales process. Must be able to establish and maintain strong relationships throughout the sales cycle.


Robert Stewart Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Robert (Bob) Stewart is a veteran entrepreneur with documented success in building and growing telecommunications related ideas into $100M businesses. Prior to Yardarm, Bob was President of Telera Communications and Vice President of Telera, Inc, a call center services company that was VC-funded and later sold to Alcatel for over $120M. Bob also had a 28-year career with Pacific Bell and SBC where among leadership positions he directed the technology labs. Key career accomplishments include transforming the broadcast and movie making industries by replacing analog with digital technology. He holds a BS in economics and BA in political science from Pacific Lutheran University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Jim Schaff Vice President, Marketing

Jim Schaff is a proven entrepreneur with over 20 years building and marketing successful companies and award-winning technology products. Prior to launching Yardarm, Jim was President of Stage Two Communications, a consumer technology marketing and media relations firm in San Francisco. While at Stage Two, Jim worked with the leaders in the consumer technology market from Electronic Arts, VUDU (purchased by Walmart) and Monster Cable to emerging companies such as Boxee (purchased by Samsung) and Face.com (purchased by Facebook). Jim has held executive marketing roles at enterprise technology companies such as BlueArc (purchased by Hitachi Data Systems) and consumer electronics companies such as Drobo (purchased by Connected Data), and has developed marketing strategies for companies such as Electronic Arts and Hewlett Packard.

Joaquin Menezes Co-founder & Shareholder Liaison

Joaquin serves as Yardarm's Liaison to Shareholders communicating the Company's vision and road map. From his original inquiry into the concept of a firearm sensor, Joaquin continues to serve not only as a vital force to convey information to and from shareholders and the executive leadership, but also to inspire the shared mission of Yardarm in a team approach.

Board of Advisors

Paul Hammond

Paul is currently the CEO of VirtualPBX.com a leading Business cloud hosted PBX solution which he helped co-found. With over 30 years of strategic, operational, sales, and marketing management experience, Paul has successfully guided the emergence of such companies as Silicon Vision, Specialix, Siemens/Pyramid and, most notably, BEA Systems. As the Vice President of Business Development and Alliances for their ECI Division, Paul helped BEA achieve $1 billion in annual revenue faster than any other software company in the history of the industry.

Paul currently sits on the board of Iamfine.com and Yardarm Technologies. He has previously held advisorary board seats at CastIron Systems an integration appliance company funded by Sequoia Capital and Norwest Ventures (sold to IBM) and Network Shell (IPO under the name Bladelogic and then sold to BMC) His non profit board work includes; CASA, a child advocacy group in Northern California and the West Valley Business School.

Paul holds a BABS in International Business and Corporate Decision Making from Kingston University of London, England.

Sean Smith

Sean is a Senior Vice President at Porter Novelli, where he leads the global Corporate Reputation and Crisis Communications practice. With almost 20 years of communications experience, Sean offers clients strategic guidance on a range of public affairs initiatives and corporate reputation issues. From January 2009 to April 2011, Sean was the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In that role he was responsible for managing all aspects of the Department’s brand and reputation. He was the principal advisor to the Secretary on these matters and oversaw a team of nearly 300 communications staff at headquarters and in the field.

Zach Friend

Zach Friend is a policy, public affairs and communications expert who has worked for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, the White House Council of Economic Advisers and in both houses of Congress. In June of 2012, Zach was elected to the Santa Cruz County, California Board of Supervisors. Previously, he was the Press Information Officer and a Crime Analyst for the Santa Cruz Police Department. This included bringing predictive policing to the department, a complex mathematical model that helped predict when and where crime would occur. He has been published extensively on issues related to public management, law enforcement resource allocations and health and economic policy.

Albert Comparini

Dr. Comparini works with early to mid-stage Silicon Valley companies in positions that include advisor, consultant, board member, CEO, CFO, and V. P. Corporate Development. Prior to his retirement, he was a Venture Partner with Ridgewood Capital and had held various corporate positions, including those of VP, General Manager, Business Unit Manager, and VP Sales and Marketing, with Siemens and with Infineon Technologies.


Yardarm and Utility, Inc. Introduce Holster Activation for Utility’s BodyWorn™ Camera System

Yardarm Technologies, Inc., and Utility, Inc. announced today the jointly developed solution to allow Yardarm Holster Aware sensors to automatically activate the Utility BodyWorn Camera System upon weapon unholstering.

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The Yardarm Holster Aware Sensor will soon be available for use with Eyewitness Vantage Body-Worn Video

Kustom Signals, Inc. and Yardarm Technologies, Inc. announced today that EyewitnessTM Vantage body-worn video will soon be available with the Yardarm Holster AwareTM Sensor for auto-activation when an officer unholsters their weapon.

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Yardarm and Blueforce Development, in Conjunction with the Microsoft Connected Patrol Car, Introduce the Future of Policing at ICAP 2017

Yardarm Technologies and Blueforce Development announced today a jointly developed demonstration of Yardarm Gun Aware and Holster Aware sensors delivering real-time situation awareness to the Blueforce Command Center.

Read Full Press Release (PDF) »

Yardarm and Kustom Signals Join Forces To Deliver Holster Activated Body-Worn Video

Kustom will offer a Yardarm Holster Aware enabled Vantage Video System that auto-activates body-worn cameras when an officer’s firearm is unholstered.

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California police testing weapon-tracking technology in smart guns

Police technology promises answers in difficult cases like the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. A new electronic notification system goes into motion before an officer fires a shot.

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"Smart guns" could help officers in tight situations

One procedure that failed in Ferguson was Officer Wilson’s attempt to call for backup. His radio was switched to the wrong channel. But a remarkable technology in California sets help in motion the moment a gun is drawn.

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Microchip Alerts Dispatchers When Deputies Draw, Fire Gun in Real Time

The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office is testing out new technology provided by a Capitola-based company. Seconds matter for law enforcement. In a situation, seconds could be the difference between life and death. It’s those seconds the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is concerned about. Sheriff Phil Wowak is having his deputies test new technology from Capitola start-up Yardarm Technologies.

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Capitola company pioneers firearm tracking technology

In 1982, when Santa Cruz County Sheriff Phil Wowak started as a volunteer reserve officer in the Capitola Police Department, the most cutting edge technology were personal radios.

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